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Monday, 9 May 2016

A New Adventure in Fashion

As the mother of two teenagers I believe it is important to encourage them to develop their own style as oppose to blindly following their peers.

Both my kids love Japanese Anime and my daughter has developed a love for the adorable Lolita style that is often seen in these shows.

Unfortunately to buy Lolita outfits and accessories can work out quite expensive and you are not always guaranteed that they will fit as most of them are only available in very small sizes, so she has asked me to help her make a few outfits.

I have to confess that although I do own a lovely sewing machine, the only sewing I do, apart from a few very basic dolls' dresses, is making curtains and cushion covers, so this is going to be a whole new challenge. We have our work cut out for us, we need to start by getting our sewing skills up to scratch, and then do some research into the different Lolita styles, before we can attempt to make the dream cosplay Lolita outfit she wants to wear to next year's Geek Fest.

We have twelve months to get this right, so join us on our new adventure into Lolita Fashion.